Below find selected projects divided into completed and open projects:

  • Achieving a joint venture agreement of an Italian solid tires manufacturer with a Polish company (project completed).
  • Export super-clean cosmetic ethanol to Hungary (project completed).
  • Import of disposable workwear from China (project completed).
  • Introduction of extinguishing spray under the brand FireBuster, into the German, Dutch and Scandinavian markets (project completed).
  • Introduction of German company KH-Security on the Polish market (project completed).
  • Export of various waste of raw materials, mainly plastic, to Germany and Sweden (project completed).
  • Introduction of German photovoltaic cells to Poland (project completed).
  • Introduction of dietary supplements to Germany, Switzerland and Sweden (own project).
  • Introduction of construction services – sanitary systems, into the Swiss, Swedish and Norwegian market.
  • Export of wrapping and insulation tapes of a Polish manufacturer.
  • Export of elastic photovoltaic cells of a Polish manufacturer.
  • Abroad promotion of graphic design services of a Polish company designing websites and on-line stores.

We work flexibly, because every product on the market is governed by different laws. If you are interested in cooperation, we will gladly tell you about the works that are being carried out and introduce you to our offer.